With the sightings of the ork rokks only weeks before it had been the Emperors will that a small detachment of Ultramarines had been passing so close to the planet that the distress call could be picked up.

+ This is garrison commander Eldrin Fir of Jorun’s world planetary defence force. To anyone who can read this we are being overrun by orks. By the Emperor’s grace please respond +

When Squad sergeant Jovius and his men touched down on the barren hive planet of Jorun’s world they realized that the only way they could stop the frenzied green skins was by striking fast and removing the head of the snake before they could pick up momentum.

In the ruins of Kelp’s hope they struck without mercy catching the savages by surprise, as the red sun was rising. Out of the blood red sun they came, with the Emperor in there hearts and steel in their eyes.

[This was a 4 player game with 2 ork players versus 1 Ultramarines and 1 Astra militarum player. 3000p on each side with the Surprise attack mission taken from the old mission book.]


In the initial assault the mechanised armour of the guardsmen stained the ruins red with the blood of their enemy as the drop pods fell around them striking fear into the hearts of the beasts.

Jovius lead a squad of centurions in prayer as the voices of their revered weapons sang their deadly song. The Varden Knight, Zoltar’s Vigil, on the other hand hesitated as the bellowing smoke and the hiss of machines made the enormous heap of metal the savages called the Rust Smasha Killa turn toward him readying itself for an attack.

+ + +

Taken by surprise the orks quickly regained their initiative and countercharged out of the ruins. Hordes of orks and gretchins swarmed the tactical marines filling the ruins with the echoes of gunfire and loud screams.

The stompa started firing in all directions not hitting much as it made it’s way toward the knight varden. In a charge the two metal monstrosities clashed together and when the smoke cleared the knight has been torn in two. But in the process it’s chain sword hung from a gaping hole in the side of the stompa’s armour.


Commander Klinkenhofen of the defence force realised to late that he and his squad of Leman Russes were within range for the hulking monster. He then made the ultimate sacrifice and ordered his men to hold their ground and lay fire into the hordes of orks swarming the ruins instead of trying to manoeuvrer to safety.

+ + +


The Ultramarines managed to hold their ground against the ork onslaught and slowly regained the upper hand. The eradicators continued to fire as one by one they fell pray to the crude but effective tank bustas of the green skins.

The centurions lead by brave squad sergeant Jovius continued to lay down fire and managed to make considerable damage to the stompa that now had turned toward them slowly wading through the debris.

+ + +

By the time the vendetta squadron arrived they could focus their fire on the huge metal beast quickly rendered it obsolete as black smoke started to pour out of every hole.

+ + +

As they day settled they had won an important victory but not without paying a steep price. Both tank commander Klinkenhofen and the techpriest who lead the erradicators had fallen for the enemy’s guns and many of the battle brothers were too hurt to be able to pursue the fleeing green skins.

It was time for a regroup and a short breath but the threat was far from over.

+ + +

In truth, in light!