In the furthest corner of the Segmentum Tempestus you find the Leyak sector. This small sector’s only noteworthy characteristic is its low level of technology. Several of the worlds are so far behind that they doesn’t even have an imperial presence.

It was discovered in the wake of the Dark Marches Crusade but was mainly left alone with only a small fleet of ships to govern the vast system.


In the furthest reaches of the Leyak sector lies the small planet of Yermos. A planet still struggling through the dark age of technology without contact from the outside world. In the imperial records it is marked simply as a feudal world on the verge of assimilation.

Nothing else was noted until late M35 when the holy synod on Ophelia VII decided that they needed an archive site to store copies of their most treasured books and texts. With the growing unrest in the Imperium they wanted to be certain that the vast halls of knowledge would remain no matter what happened.

The task to see this momentous operation through fell on the shoulders of Arch deacon Damos Krell. He was known as an efficient and quiet soul that made things happen without creating enemies in the process. A rare character indeed in the halls of the Ecclesiarchy.

It took him only a few years to find Yermos and realised that both its location and technological state made it a perfect spot for the archive site. In secrecy he launched a mission to the green planet in the guise of making imperial contact.

He descended alone from the sky to make contact with the king and behind closed doors they came to an agreement. They would build a library to rival that on Ophelia VII and king Ralymos Duk and his dynasty would defend it. In return Damos promised the king the power of light and weapons to both defend his realm and to persecute those who would stand against him.

It took Damos thirty years to finish the Librarium of Krell and as they started to move parts of the library to the new site he installed a regiment of the Astra Millitarum to defend it. Together with the priests and scribes left to manage the growing library they became the Fraternis Literati; the sacred guardians of the tomes.

He also left a contingent of the Adeptus Mechanicus to aid the king in spreading the blessed light that he had received.

In under fifty years the humble Arch Deacon had managed to finish his task where most men and women would have failed trying. Many saw him favoured by the Emperor himself but with fame came the envious eyes of jealousy.

As the reign of blood began in the early years of M36 he disappeared without a trace from Ophelia VII leaving behind a legend of what had become of him. Some say he was murdered while others thought he was called forth by the Emperor himself to fight the good fight against the the tyrant of Terra.

Not only he disappeared from imperial records but any notes on the Librarium of Krell disappeared with him. So as the imperium burned the memory of the distant celestial body of Yermos faded into oblivion.

+ + +

For generations the dusky skies of Yermos was empty as seasons turned and power changed hands. Some even thought they could conquer the librarium itself but the Fraternis Militia held its ground against even the mightiest armies.

The night fell over Yermos as the dynasty of Duk ended. A bloody coup left the land in the middle of a civil war as rivalling factions fought over the throne and ultimately the control over the light.

In the almost perpetual dusk light had become a valuable resource and while the King had been generous with it the war made the lanterns flicker and routes well travelled at night were lost in darkness.

And it was in this darkness that the Viscera were conceived. Filthy amalgamations of man and beast they tore into the ravaged countryside with a voracious appetite both for destruction and for flesh.

The waning light was a sign. A sign that the land had to be united again or plummet into eternal darkness. But as history shows, reason is seldom victorious.

In truth, in light!