Ambush in the Daedalus sector

The forge world of Janus Prime is a shattered shadow of its former self. In M37 the last mechanicum dynasty fell leaving the Janus system in disarray. The central forge world Janus Prime is in decay but the furnaces still burns covering the sky in oily smog.

In the dilapidated Daedalus sector sergeant Strongarm lead a small platoon through the ruins. They had reports of chaos activity in the ruins as  the cult of the stag had spread at an alarming rate.

+ + +


The ambush was fast and a hideous lumbering human with stag horns lead the assault. Only because of their training they could do a quick regroup and went into a diamond formation to focus the fire.

Not even the enraged ogryn could break their defence. In only a few minutes the attack was over as the horned man fell and crawled back into the shadows and the rest of the rabble fell back to the hollows from where they had come.

It had been a victory but they squad had paid a steep price. Around the sergeant the bodies of his men laid bloody and mangled with only a few of them unharmed.

It was a 1000TG inq28 game with a chaos coven of Nurgle ambushing a Imperial guard strikeforce.