Anastasia’s gambit

Inquisitor Anastasia Krozelius looked out over the vast industrial landscape that stretched out for as far as her eyes could see. The reports of a heretical cult growing in the Daedalus sector was worrying news. She read the last report from the day before once more while she pondered how to proceed.

It contained descriptions of a huge man with stag horns leading the coven. ‘Heresy’ She thought as she sent out orders to her retinue to prepare for departure. This was something she needed to see to herself.

+ + +

With the disadvantage of numbers Anastasia set up a trap instead hoping to lure the cult out in the open before striking. She knew that the word of a cache rich with weapons would reach the wretched ears before long. All she had to do was to lie in wait for the man with the horns to take the bait.

+ + +

Sergeant Strongarm felt his blood boil as the dog tags from the men he had lost only days before weighted heavy around his neck. He had sworn to avenge his men and had left the barracks with a handful of loyal souls in the cover of darkness. Leaving their coms behind no one could stop their righteous vengeance.

He had the horned man in his iron sight as the hooded figure lead the wretched band of cultist to what looked like a ruined pump station. From his vantage point the sergeant could only see parts of the ruin but through the scope he spotted several armed men waiting and what looked like crates of military weapons.

If he acted now he could get both the heretical cult and the arms dealers who sold ordinance to the enemies of the Imperium. Without second thought he ordered his men to attack.

+ + +

The Stag was within reach of the inquisition when the first bullets started to fly. Anastasia looked over the wall only to see a group of guardsmen attacking her retinue lying in wait just in front of her.

‘Where did they come from?’ She had arranged with sector commander Grelk to reroute the patrols for the day so this was no sanctioned scouting party. Loosing the opportunity to fell the Stag was out of the question so she ordered her men to attack the uniformed men and get in position to kill the horned man.

+ + +


It didn’t take long for the inquisitor to realize that it was an untenable situation. With heavy losses she retreated to safety to see if she could find an unguarded moment to let a bullet find the heart of the beast she had been hunting.

On the ground the flashes of the las guns made the shadows dance in the dim light. Only the frenzied gargling screams of the ogryn competed with the sound of gun fire as the guardsmen and the cultist dug in and traded shots.

The horned man took position by the large cache of weapons as his cultists traded shots with the soldiers driving them back. The guardmen had taken losses against the inquisitorial men so Strongarm again saw his men fall around him as they fell back to the ruins behind them.

Most of them where finished of by the crazed ogryn chasing the running men.

+ + +

 Anastasia let her eyes follow the billowing smoke as she pondered the events of the last few days. Her gambit had failed and because of the rogue sergeant the Horned man and his army had grown even stronger. She needed more information on this vague figure.

She turned around and looked at the half naked man covered in strange runes that sat huddled over his blessed cards. ‘What have you got for me Dorian, tell me you know its weakness’.

This was a custom mission with and 800TG inquisition force flanked by 1000TG of Chaos on the left side and 1000TG of Guardsmen on the other side. The cache was fixed and the faction to control it in the end of the game would be the winner.