With the few games I have been playing the first thing that struck me is that we kept browsing the rules and tables for weapons and for stats all the time. So I felt that I could speed up the game by adding some bling to it 🙂


I wanted a more RPG styled game so I thought a character sheet would be in place. I still need a few more games to know how many lines of skills and equipment etc I need on the sheet. The A5 size will fit inside my =I= box, thats how selfish I am 🙂

The other gaming aid I felt was needed was some weapon cards… Well so I made some 🙂


There is still a lot of work to do but when I’m done I will post them here and probably to the ammo bunker forums. Just in case someone else want some home made cards to play with.

+ + + UPDATE + + +

Due to me starting the project in a regular word processor the process became to cumbersome to continue. Learnt a lot from my mistakes so the next iteration will be even better… And hopefully finished 🙂