Janus Prime is a dying forge world in the segment Tempestum. Close to to the Segmentum Solar but far from the palaces of Ophelia VII this system has fallen into decay as the Mechanicum dynasty of Decanicor has ended.

The Janus system has always been an reliable provider to the imperium but as of late they have been lagging behind on their tithes.

While Janus Prime still manage to provide the steep tithes of the Imperium the other planets struggle with the task.

Jaus III is a death world on the fringes off the system that thrives in the cold trade of Archeotech. It is a desert world with shifting sands that hide a civilization underneath that many wants their hands on.

The main hive of Balcor houses the only star port so the all access to the planet goes through there. This is why the noble houses fight for the control over this. I they control the port they control the flow of ancient technology.

But it’s not the astropaths and the nobles in their spires that actually digs up the valuables that the planet wants. That’s what they need the disposables for. The millions of bodies that they pour into the infernal heat of the desert to dig after all the  trinkets that the Imperium covet.

Most find themselves here as they dream of a better place. A moment of glory that will pave the way to riches and a free life forever. It is in this meat grinder that the story begins.