I did a hobby resolution for 2016 over at the Beasts of war forum and being reminded of it I realised it was an epic fail on my part. Not a single part was completed so 2017 can only be better and brighter (or grimdarker).

To be fair I only put Malifaux on the list and then rage quitted the game before I even started. They are diabolical to glue. 🙂

So here is my hobby hopes and aspirations for 2017

  • Finish my fallen inquisitor with retinue. Painted with a background written.
  • Write and arrange the last chapter in my ‘The Horned man’ campaign
  • Make enough new terrain for my new dessert gaming mat to play a regular game of 40K.
  • Make enough indoor terrain to be able to realise my ‘Beneath the shifting sands’ campaign for inquisimunda.
  • Write and arrange the ‘Beneath the shifting sands’ inqisimunda campaign weekend. Extra points if I manage to make it an invitational.
  • Build and paint the sand worms of Janus III.
  • Build and paint NPCs for the Janus III setting.
  • Write and arrange a large apocalypse game.
  • Meet at least one, for me new,  inq28 gamer over a pint or two.

I tried to break some of the larger dreams into smaller parts for easier measuring at the end of the year. I challenge you to make your own list, post a link in the comments below and I promise to call you out to compare notes as 2017 draws to a close.

Looking forward to your lists.