“We call the darkness between the stars The Starless night. It is in this darkness the true horrors are born and inside the heart of man the inky blackness take root. Only by rigorous prayers and devotion can Man survive the night as the Emperor sleep.”
– Ols Jorden, High priest aboard the imperial vessel The Indomitable

+ + +

One day it appeared on every long range auspex like a sudden scream in an empty room. A dark shape against an inky blackness was all that could be seen. A few weeks later the first reports of a huge amalgamation of ships and asteroids reached the sector command.

The sudden presence of a spacehulk in the Segmentum Tempestus woke up every pirate fleet and salvage crew in the vicinity and the Haxan system again lit up with traffic. The system had seen declining traffic since the Dark marches crusade hundreds of years ago but now the docks where again over crowded with ships anxiously waiting for a signal that the hulk was approachable.

It had been several hundred years since the segmentum had seem something similar and every planet within reach readied their defence praying that it would not be another ork invasion like the last one had been.

The imperium sent out scout fleets to keep civilians and xenos away from the beast while they waited for the noble space marines to arrive. Nicknamed The Starless the hulk hung at the edge of the system without giving away any of its secrets.

+ + +

Jarnac has seen it on the screens for over a week but as they snuck passed the imperial patrols this would be the first time he had seen a spacehulk in the flesh. Its nickname fit it well since it covered the whole observation window leaving the space starless.

He could see several imperial cruisers sticking out like huge deformed claws from what looked like a chunk of dessert. The sight sickened him. It felt so surreal that it almost could no be. His mind had a difficult time processing the twisted monstrosity in front of him and he had to look away.

The men around him seemed to have the same dark thoughts and he closed the observation widows leaving the deck again bathed in the reassuring yellow light of their own ship.

It was a nervous tension in the small boarding vessel as they approached the hull. None of the men knew what would await them in the belly of the hulk but their employer had paid them enough to steel themselves against what would lie ahead.

‘For the Emperor’ Jarnac said to the armed men as they cut the last part of the hull. The hard metal fell to the floor with a loud bang and everyone held their breath in nervous anticipation.

Only silence greeted them as they slowly entered the ship. They entered into a narrow corridor with doors as far as they glow globes yellowish light reached. Deckhand Gallod used his glove to wipe the grime off of one of the wall signs and read the inscription.

‘This is the Indomitable captain, we are on the right ship.’ He studied the ancient map some more before pointing down the corridor. ‘That is the way to the chapel sir’ let’s pray we find what we are looking for there.’