“Sometimes doing the wrong thing ends up being the right thing. Don’t try and anticipate the Emperor’s will just let it happen”
– Repentant brother Saeren


It was one of those moments when a simple choice completely changes one man’s fate. Saeren was, and still is, a violent man with the Emperor’s voice in his head and the rage of Man in his heart.

He always choose fight instead of flight and it was in this state of violent rage inquisitor Parsifal found him. His chain sword sang the hymn of the Emperor while his crazed incoherent litanies fell on deaf ears as the chaos cultists screamed around him.

The ground was slippery with blood and the smell of promethium and torn flesh would have turned the stomach of any battle hardened soldier. Parsifal managed to calm the madman who kept searching for more enemies with jerky head movements.

Meeting one of the Emperor’s chosen was a blessing for Saeren who fell to his knees in reverence. He had been lost and now was found. Attacking the heretic camp relying only on blind faith had paid off even if others has tried to stop him.

The Emperor had chosen to spare his life once more; He still had more use for him.

+ + +

He is based on the Forgeworld model out of the Empire command squad switching the crude club for a 30k chain sword. It was hell to glue with only a tiny resin stick to fit the chain part. Pretty fragile even with some green stuff to help.