I have been on the hunt for bitz as of late, and at the same time as I ordered the female heads from Statuesque (my review here) I also stumbled upon a small webshop called Ristuls extraordinary market. I had been searching for lanterns and they had a decently priced set. I ordered a pack of 5 lanterns and a set of 10 candles since you can never have too many odd bitz, right?


It is hard to show on camera since the pieces are so small but a few of the lanterns where rather poorly cast with the moulds not lining up properly. This was apparent on 2 of the 5 pieces but the candles all looked good so it could just have been a rare slip up. Beside the heavy flash the sculpts felt sharp enough.


Not the best but far from the worst either. Pretty quick delivery and decently priced with a few rare bitz for us grimdark collectors. I will keep an eye out for more bitz here at least.