Palimpsest is the chronicler, no detail too unimportant he keeps track of important documents and litanies.

Keeping him in line with the rest of the retinue the white robe is somewhat disguised in the sea of scrolls. Not overtly satisfied with the text I might revisit them at a later date. I have a good friend that is a really good painter that promised me to show me some new techniques for scrolls.

But the metal on the back came out very well. Especially the canisters.

He is taken from the Forgeworld Death korps of Krieg quartermaster retinue. Some really good minis in that pack I can tell you.

palimpsest - back.jpgMe and a friend have started to plan a small photo shoot soon so I will post more images of the gang so far soon. Hope to be able to play with them in a not to distant future as well. Im a dreamer, I know 🙂