Life has happened and this last month I have been working, working and working. You noticed I didn’t put any sleep in there? Well, you have to actually having slept to add it to that list 🙂

But to make sense of this grey and boring existence without any hobbying I decided to go through the month and pick out the nuggets of nerdery that have actually occurred.

+ + +

saeren-sistersI managed to glue and prime the Daeran sisters this month and I’m really pleased with how they came out. Almost rage quitted two times to get the weird green stuff handles on the lantern glued in place. 🙂

+ + +

fw-sisterI also received a goody bag from Forgeworld last month. Filled with Solar auxilia I have been cursing the lack of decent instructions for putting them together. But I managed to glue one poor soul together at least. I will experiment the paint scheme on her.

The head comes from the Statuesque range and in this case the Pulp sized head had a good fit. Since I dug out the suit it almost looks too big on her… But in a good way. In the setting on Yermos the Fraternis Literati protects a library and every family has to raise one soldier. Her father died so she has inherited his armour and that why it looks a little big on her.

+ + +

Not sure if any of you play RPGs but we have managed to get a World of Darkness chronicle revolving around Vampire off the ground this year as well. There is a RPG-wiki service called Obsidian Portal that we use to store all information we come across. A very good tool that I highly recommend.  If you want to see what the platform is all about or if you want to take a look at the chronicle follow the link HERE.