I have finally begun to create my new board and it will be inside a rundown base. There is a modularity to it so that the 6 tiles can be put together in an array of combinations. The tiles themselves are 15″ x 15″ (almost at least)

I did a doodle so I could get a sense of how to set up the rooms for maximum modularity. The 5 year old in me really went to town with the sketch 🙂

board_sketch+ + +

I had decided to use Hirst arts for the floor and the wall details and then mix in some GW bitz  to tie it to the world. I fell in love with Hirst a few years ago when I started Mordheim and felt it was time to dig out the old molds again.

But let me tell you one thing before you run of and order 350 dollars worth of molds. IT TAKES TIME! It feels like I have been pouring dental plaster forever and still only have enough for one board piece. So it’s not a cheap hobby to get into.

But it’s fun at the same time, like lego for nerds.


More coming up as I progress.