There is no denying that the Shadow wars: Armageddon has gotten the community riled up. Some are angry (as usual) that it wasn’t the old Necromunda re-released into the world, and some (like me) are happy that it actually wasn’t.

When the teaser hit I was cautious because the repacked old minis gave off that sell-off-the-old-models-with-a-halfassed-minigame smell that I have felt with the likes of that Dark eldar hoverboard game that came out a while ago. But as time progressed and more info leaked I felt that this could be something I could look forward to as a solid product.

Ever since back in the days of old Necromunda I felt that the game lacked a big part, and that part was playing the skirmish level games with my own armies instead of the gangs. It felt limited when I had several armies on the shelves next to me screaming to get into the action.

When I discovered Inquisimunda a year ago I felt that I had found a big part of what was missing in 40K; A skirmish level to play on. And with the official release of Shadow wars and the promise to support almost all factions from the start this could turn out to be a great year for my hobby.

When I talk about a new level of 40K I of course mean the skirmish level fights. you have the regular 40K with squads up to larger fights with the super heavies. Then there are the Killteams to take the fight to the smaller level and now we have proper soldier to soldier combat where every bullet counts. Those desperate moments you see in movies like Starlingrad or a nice episode of Band of brothers.

So now we have an even smaller lever to tell our stories in. The force 10 from Navarone scenarios where every man and woman counts. I’m actually smiling as I write this since I can’t wait to play out the stories I have in my head.

I hope you are as excited about the hobby year 2017 as I am.