Having gone through the Shadow wars rulebook I decided to do a quick rundown between the new book and the old Necromunda community edition book.

When you do a comparison you realise that there is no difference between the old and the new rules. The difference is that Yaktribe, that released the community edition, have added a rule for burning and they have cleared up some weird wording and added some clarifications for existing rules.

Ok, some differences but only tweaks like 2D6 for ammo rolls and some weapon traits have changed a little. Not all weapons explode this time around but only the ones with the Unreliable trait for example.

So there is so gaming difference between the rules, use either.

The campaign rules
Here lies the largest difference between the new and the old. XP is gone and is replaced by a Blood bowlish MVP system. You choose one of your fighters that survived the battle and then roll on the advance table.

The table is the same as the old but now you can only raise a characteristics one step instead of a racial maximum as it was in the old. A newbie that have survived three battles is upgraded to a regular fighter to replace the XP levels.

The skills are also almost identical. Some wordings have changed and a skill table title but 95% of the content is the same so you could use either as long as you choose one of them at the beginning of the campaign.

They have removed the territory rules with income and have replaced that with a simpler system of promethium cashes that is both used as Victory points for the campaign and as a sort of credit system where you can hire special characters and getting more equipment. A simplification that I really like.

But the simpler system will shorten the campaigns and removes some of that meta game that the old game had with gang territories but it feels rather elegant so I think this new system will be better.

Killteam building rules
This part has also changed some. They have switched the credit system for points but it’s still 1000p for a starting killteam. Instead of gangs you have the regular 40K factions, and this is something I really love, but it feels somewhat limited with only 4 roles to fill.

You have the leader, you have the regular fighter, you have the newbie and the heavy weapons guy. Basically the same as you have back in the old Necromunda days. There is virtually no customisation and the system encourage you to maybe switch a weapon or two for you boss but leaving the rest very straight out of the troop box.

This is what I love about the Inquisimunda add on for Necromunda. It expands the amount of roles each cation have from 4 to around 9 with tons of weapon and equipment options. A build the model first approach instead of what we have here.

* * *

I don’t see the complexity and customization changing anytime soon since this is now the entry level game for 40K, so if you want a higher degree of customization I would keep using the Inquisimunda rules but use the more efficient campaign rules from the new Shadow wars book.

Any more questions ask them below and I’ll answer them as good as I can.