Regimental commander Gaius took point as the mechanized convoy entered the drop zone where the emergency pod should have crashed. Burning debris had begun to rain down as the Emperor’s Light had started to enter the atmosphere above them.

they saw the planetary defence force’s troop vehicles up the road but as they rode into the camp they immediately felt that something was wrong. The soldier came running towards them

screaming and clawed at the rhinos with rage and madness in their eyes.

At the same time the air seemed to vibrate and a wave of nausea washed over Gaius as the thin membrane between this world and the warp opened up letting hoards of rotting daemons shambling through.

+ + +


The Ultra marines fought back the first wave and with his centurion honour guard Gaius took up post on top of a ruined building and surveyed the battlefield. The ground below them had started to fill up again with the living dead and the sheer amount of targets threatened to overwhelm the small strike force.


One tactical squad had to flee up on their broken rhino to fight of the hordes of slobbering bodies. Another barely escaped their transport being crushed by a huge daemon that towered over the battlefield.


They got a few rounds off before the zombies had reached the rooftop engaging the armour clad squad in an uneven combat. The centurions and the terminators cut down bodies from left to right trying to decimate the seemingly never ending sea of enemies.

On the ground they bike squad struck down one of the huge daemon machine amalgamation that spewed some sort of acid all over the battlefield. But the victory was short lived as a horde of plague daemons attacked.

The venerable dreadnought Callan the indomitable held the communications tower as he tried to slay another of the spider like machine daemons hiding in the dead forest below him. But even the might of The Indomitable couldn’t stand against the strength of the cursed gods.

When he saw he brother Callan fall from the tower Gaius realized that the battle was lost. Too many marines had already fallen, it was time for a tactical retreat. The opposition was too strong even for the Emperor’s finest. He called in the gun ships as his guards threw the last mangled body down into the crowd below.

+ + +

The storm raven rode in emptying everything she had into the giant daemon at the heart of the battle but he shrugged of the auto cannons not even flinching. They took heavy fire when they hovered to pick up the command squad leaving acid streaks and smoking holes in the armour as they left the war zone behind them.

+ + +

He looked back at the burning fields behind him with a heavy heart. The empire had taken a heavy hit today as Ecarro had fallen. And this only days after the news of Cadia’s fall. It was indeed a dark hour for man.

Even the artefact that the inquisitor had saved aboard the Emperor’s light was lost to the enemy. But the tide could still be turned. Gaius knew that a large imperial fleet would pass through the system soon on the way to Ultramar. Then they could strike the abominations down and take back what was theirs.

“We need to regroup with battle brother Maccus and his company when they pass within distance. We still have work to do” he said to his second as they aimed for the spire on the horizon.

It was a slaughter as you could see. 3000p on each side with the Marine player going solo against a CSM and a Daemon player. The Ultramarines did not come prepared for so many targets as the CSM drowned him in bodies. 120 plague zombies flooded the table and with the 30 something plague bearers there were too many bodies to shoot.

In turn 4 the game was over but not after we had som epic cinematic moments like the marines climbing on top of their rhino to continue the fight against the horde surrounding them.

Or when the gunship came in and almost didn’t make it out with the HQ. It’s moments like that I love. When the story writes itself. Next chapter would be significantly different if the HQ had died.

The next chapter is already in the works.