I have always been interested in trying to figure out ways to play my games in other ways than how they where intended to be played.

With Shadow wars: Armageddon we received rules to play a small squad of warriors, something I really love and have been dreaming about since playing Necromunda back in the days. But my mind started to wander as soon as I had a few games under my belt. How could I make this even more immersive? Could I use these rules in another way?

The idea that popped up was to play 40K on two levels at the same time. First you had the regular 40K with say 2000p vs 2000p all set up to go. These armies would be played by players or by a game master, because in the next step one or more players would deploy their killteams inside this huge battle.

+ + +

I want to get the feeling of actually participate in a large scale fight but only be able to do your part. As the commander you have an objective to do on the field and around you soldiers fight for other objectives, so you have to make due with the resources you have.

But I wanted to add a certain sense of being able to sway the tide of battle by letting the commander be able to order other units that are within range. This could be fun as you might need to take a building but across the street some heavy weapons are set up. You could persuade another squad that you pass to try and clear the other building for you.

I think using game masters would bring the best dramatic effect because then they could place that squad you needed help from within reach because that would be a really cool moment. I want to get the same effect you get when you watch movies like Stalingrad or Band of brothers.

What do you think? Is it a great idea or just pipe dreams? I want to hear your comments on this since I might try and arrange it this fall.

The image is taken from the movie Hacksaw ridge that I feel in parts have everything to do with what I want to accomplish.