A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a blog post on Anvil Industries site how they used their own bitz mixed with the skitarii ranger box to really great effect. I just had to try that myself and a few minutes later I was 70 pounds poorer but as it happens 70 pounds happier.

anwil 2.jpg

In only just over a week the box of happiness arrived and I was fast at work checking it out. No bitz missing and no flash to talk about. I couldn’t even find any mould lines, the pieces were super sharp and very high quality – Even the tiny seals were crisp.

They even have made connectors for the legs, torsos and arms so they are super easy to assemble. My impression is that this is a very professional operation and the quality of the bitz are top class.


Grabbed both legs an torsos with a few other bitz to reach their free shipping limit. If you find something you like there I highly recommend it. I will make more purchases from there in the future.


Have you used bitz from them? Would love to see what you have created so share a link in the comments.