”My flamer never die because the fuel of heretics is unending. Such is the task the Emperor has given us”
Lock Morden, Ordo Hereticus

I’m still at the beginning of my journey but I thought I would take you all with me. We are starting an inquisition campaign based on the new Shadow wars: Armageddon rules and I have chosen to play a Ordo Hereticus inquisitor of the more radical kind.

I basically know that my fellow inquisitor plays a radical Ordo Xenos inquisitor and we have the same boss, still unknown. When I know more you will be the first to know.

The campaign will start after the summer but my wheels have started to roll so I thought I use this space as a creative place to share what I have created. Creativity never rest as they say.

+ + +

Lock Morden comes from a small world called Argos IV in the Tempests Segment, not too far from the white spires of Ophelia VII. His father was a cardinal so he grew up in the winding mazes of the ecclesiarchy.

His father wasn’t a just man and it would fall on young Lock to expose the first heretic on Argos IV. The world fell into a violent conflict but Inquisitor Jar Dorthar saw something in the son of a heretic and took him under his wings.

Jar wasn’t a kind master, his eyes was set on the horizon and no simple heretic would get in his way; His eyes was set on a bigger game.

It would be many years before Lock even dared ask who they where hunting. The Eye was all he was told. A heretic, a leader who would throw systems into turmoil and escape before the flame would take hold. He would watch star systems burn in conflict. His latest creation was the current uproar in the Obscurum sector. A small world called Vrax Prime in the Scarus sector was burning and thats where they where heading.

+ + +

I have a model all thought out for the inquisitor but being out of country for the summer all I have is the fluff side. It is an old Forgeworld model that has been sitting on my shelf for far too long.

I replaced his halberd with a proper skitarii rifle and that really transformed the model from the warhammer fantasy range to the grim dark of the 40K. I love to use medieval style combined with the 40K universe, that gives it so much darkness and style.

I hope you follow along with the progress of the newly born inquisitor and his adventures before ending up in the fall campaign.