”No matter where you go death surrounds you. Your world is in decay and inexorably it slowly dissolves until nothing besides remain. We are the blight upon your so called perfect imperium. We are your suffering as you slowly die.”
– Captain Kyrios of the Everblight

The Everblight is a small Deathguard Vectorium that specializes in sowing chaos behind enemy lines. They choose weak worlds to invade and use both chemical and biological weapons to ruin the lands for generations to come.

Lead by Captain Kyrios they have a mission whispered from the lips of the Lord himself; To spread the blight to the paradise worlds of Ultramar. With The Blight stars as their base they strike against unprotected worlds all along the Easter fringe slowly moving towards their goal.


Kyrios was hand picked from the Grave wardens to lead the war against the heart of the imperium. Already an expert in laying waste to the world he set out to spread the benedictions of the Allfather in preparation of what mankind would call the Plague wars.

Chosen from both Chaos Space Marines and Plague marines the Vectorium is a versatile strike force that even uses the daemons from beyond to aid in their cause to lay waste to Ultramar. Such is their disdain for the Ultramarines – The glowing beacon of false hope in the decaying and crumbling world.

+ + +

This is the humble beginning of my Deathguard army. I have the Burning of Prospero box and the new Dark Imperium box and that will be my start. A few squads of Plague marines and a few regular CSM squads. Got a new cool FW dread as well so stay tuned for more goodies.