Several persons have asked me to explain how I painted my pre heresy death guard marines, so even if I’m not a great painter I will do my best to show you my way. I’m sure there are better or more efficient ways to do it but my way is the only way I know .-)

+ + +

After I base coat the mini with the Corax white primer from GW I paint the weapon and other details that isn’t part of the armour. I do this first since I’m a sloppy painter and there will be misses where I get black paint on the armour. Easier to cover it up before the wash, trust me 🙂


The weapon will be black with metal parts, the front part of the helmet is metal and will be covered in grime later. I keep the wires black as well so there aren’t that many details on the armour that isn’t white.

The shoulder pads comes next. Balthasar gold as a base for the trim with Runelord brass over it and then Caliban green as a base for the green part with Death world green over that.


Now comes the fun messy part with the wash. I use Seraphim Sepia mixed with Lahmian medium. The mix is roughly 60/40 Medium/Sepia and then I just start giving the model a generous covering.


After this stage is done I use Typhus corrosion on the metal part of the helmet and then Nuln oil for darkening the metal on the weapon as well as the metal on the shoulder pads.


This leaves the weathering, which could be the most important part of the Death guard armour since they wore the battle markings and rust as a badge of honour.


First I use Dryad bark together with a sponge plucked from a blister pack. Like a drybrush I dip the sponge in paint and the dab it on a piece of paper until most has come of. Too much and you will smear the paint all over.

I try to dab it at places where the armour would be worn, like in the kneepad and hands for example. I’d love to say I have a scientific way of doing it but I just go and try to stop myself before I have gone over board.

Then I switch to Leadbelcher and do the process all over again but this time less and on the dark areas to show where the bare metal has been exposed. I experimented with pigments on the first ones I showed but I have run out of it so I will have to do a follow up on that if you all want.


+ + +

There, a quick way of doing pre heresy death guard my way, hope you found this enlightening. When I watch painting tutorials I usally pick up one or two tricks I hadn’t thought of so hope you did to. Was this useful? Should I do more of these tutorials?

Would love some creative feedback since this is the first tutorial article I have written.