Just played my first game in the new edition. It’s nice with a new edition and many of the new rules felt solid, like vehicles having the same stat lines as everything else. It still feels a lot like the old edition, enough to feel at home even if it has changed.

But the game didn’t go as smooth as advertised, and a lot of it comes down to the fact that it was the first game in a new rule system. I felt that it was a lot of books to consult and now every unit had a special rule and every weapon also had a special rule to keep track of.

This model gave bonuses to everyone within 7″ and that model did this to these units and if you attacked an troop with this keyword you got this bonus in the assault. And if you used this weapon then you could re-roll this and another one gave the enemy -2 morale for the reminder of the round… You get the picture 🙂

So the sheer amount of special rules and circumstances felt very overwhelming to me. Before there wasn’t that many special rules and modifiers to keep track of but now every unit had at least three four you needed to have in mind. And the characters all had auras of special rules to check each turn.

I definitely need to print or make my own datacards so the time looking for the units is reduced. And I can see that I will need to put a lot more thought into army creation due to synergy between units. I can see myself continue to play with Power points since it’s so much faster that consulting three places for the points.

+ + +

Need to get more games under my belt before I can make any solid conclusions but this was my immediate impression. Did you feel that the amount of extra rules and circumstances was in the way?