“The enemy, always obsessed with their titles, calls me a lord. Lord is a title sold to you by other weak men, leader is a title you take from the men you slay. Death to the false emperor!”
– Captain Kyrios of the Everblight Vectorium

Feared by his enemies and revered by his troops Kyrios has lead from the front line for thousands of years tireless in his calling. Usually surrounded by his loyal grave wardens he strike fear in the heart of men.

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The model is a Forgeworld Praetor in cataphractii armour. Thought it would be fitting for him to use a terminator armour with the same model as the grave wardens that he came from. They will arrive next month to complement him.

I have fallen in love with the 30K aesthetics so there will be more coming from that range.

Went over board with the weathering as always. I’m so unscientific with it and sometimes (or usually) I add to much of it drowning the mini. But one day I will get it just right 🙂