“Let not the arboreal beauty around us deceive you, for it is the work of heretics. It’s when you pause for breath their voices whisper in your ear to relax among its trunks – to let go. Listen not to the voice but sing the praise to the emperor even higher so that the tallest tree can hear the true words of the golden chorus!”
– Lord marshal Sif Jarlsdotter

She could see the planetfall fail from the command bridge of the Emperor’s voice. Against her advisors raised voices she gathered a few of her honour guards and headed for the docks. She would not let her daughters die in vain on this cursed green moon.

Ordering the rest of the fleet to head down she would gather what was left of the assault and lead them into the heart of the forest. To burn the cursed wood to embers. In the cleansing fires of the Emperor the moon would fall.

+ + +

I really liked the Greyfax mini. Well everything but the hat but a head swap fixed that and grounded her in the rest of the force. I hadn’t found a place for her in my force until now but as I picked among the bitz and boxes I found her and did her under 24h. Not pleased with the face as always but I try not to dwell too long on that.