Old as the mist that rolls down the mountains at dawn the Monarch sits behind his iron doors. Both his castle and his prison he sits on his throne ever watching. Beneath him the courts fight and squabble for a place at his feet.
Ever silent, many seek that which will grant them his favour.  The groves and glens are stained black with the blood and sap of the fae as the winter turns to spring again and the cycle starts anew. Such are the ways of the Thorn moons.
– Ruric, watcher of the umbral chasm


Shadelocke is me and a friend’s own adventure into the dark and misty forests of the Thorn moon of Shadelocke.

The moons and the stories that takes place within the Fragmentum is the brainchild of Ironsleet, a gathering of very creative and talented artists. This is our humble contribution to what will be the year of the Thorn moon crusade.

As the year begins we are working on miniatures, trying to create two courts that will play their parts in the tale we will be telling. My court is the Bramble court where Fae and Dryads trying to become one with the moon by melding flesh and tree.

Jonas’ court is yet to be named and their story is yet to be whispered among the trees. But his Miniatures are amazing so just you wait. Their story will most likely be grim and bloody, dripping with death.

The story will be more fantasy than 40K since this is narrated from the perspective of the creatures that have been bred on the moon by the unseen masters. They know of nothing else and the small technology that they have is scavenged from ancient ruins and long forgotten burrows.

* * *

The second part will be to create the warbands themselves. I felt that the thematic rules created by Ironsleet for their Pilgrym event was a perfect fit since they are written to conform to the minis rather than the other way around. They will be the base on which we build thematic rules of the courts themselves. Thoughts of a side board with courtly actions ala SAGA have crossed my mind as well. We will look more into this as we progress into this phase.
If you want to take a look at the ironsleet rules you can find them HERE.

The third part is to create the gaming narrative where the missions tell our dark fairytale of the quest for the heart of the moon and the blessing of the Monarch. I have a vision of a board I want to build for the epic last scenario but since this is closer to summer too many things will have changed, but I stay hopeful. I have even started to create a small storytelling card game to use as a tool for telling out tragedy.

So 2018 will be the year of the Thorn moons as we follow Ironsleet in their own quest for the green moons and the future of the Crataegus segmentum.


I wanted to salute the many great artists and gamers that exist within the small 40k niche we fondly call inq28. You are all part of this since I, many times, feel that we are all creating something together. Ideas and inspirations meld together when we share our creations with each other. Many artists and skilled hobbyists have inspired us to this little endeavour so there will more talk about where we found inspiration for our dark tale when we get to the minis.

Lets the celebration begin!