When they announced the Maggotkin card pack for warcry I was thrilled. Nurgle is my favourite god and I have been collecting minis for him since the late 90s. I fell in love, not in a weird way, with the Blight kings when they were released and had done a few conversions for 40K with them. But I hadn’t had a reason to do them for AoS until now.

nurgle icon 1

So I grabbed another box and started gluing long before the cards actually came out. So when I finally managed to get my hands on them and opened the little booster pack my heart sank. While my friend who grabbed the stormcast pack got close to 50 cards my pack contained only 6 cards.

My guess is that they follow the guidelines of what weapons the unit can have and not what you can equip them with since you can make the Blight kings in several different ways but still they only use Blighted weapons. Lazy game making but sure.

So I decided to overcome my disappointment and make cards of my own. Not new rules by the way only personalized ones for each model I had built. I tried to match the card that represented them the most.


I used Pages (like words for Mac) and did a simple table and filled with some text with an image of my own mini to keep the separate. In the end I really liked the result and it is so much easier to play now that I know what card goes to what mini.
If anyone uses Pages and want the pages file just get in touch with me here and we will sort that out.

You can do it too.