South of the Living city there is a small coastal region named Dearth coast. The name is derived from it being rather infertile in comparison to the rest of Ghyran. The closeness to the city and the lack of resources made the area a low priority both for settlement and for protection.

The few cities and settlements that rose were left to fend for themselves. Many exiles and free thinkers left the oppressive rule of both Sigmar and Alarielle for a chance of at least die as free men and women. With the region virtually untouched by the filth ridden hands of Nurgle during the age of chaos the settlements started to prosper as the settlers strived to make a good life for themselves.

One of these free thinkers that had settled within Brighthaven was the Duardin engineer Eron Zar. It was his inventions that would eventually lead the people down the dark path of envy and in the end throw the region into turmoil and to the brink of civil war.

As Sigmar intervened he hid the wondrous creations within a stormvault out of the conscious eye and mind. Generations would pass and the memories of the amazing machines turned into legends and myths. Until the world shook to its core by the bony hands of Nagash and his necroquake that is.

With the stormvault now broken the memories of the mighty creations again begin to seep into the minds of the people living there. And within fertile minds the seed of corruption easily takes root. Now nine warlords have descended the region all hell-bent on claiming the power of Eron Zar for their own end.

The question on everyone’s lips is where this hidden vault is located? As the curtains are drawn on the first act, small war parties and scouts scurry the countryside for clues to where Sigmar might have hidden it.

Welcome to the Dearth coast