The guys over at Ironsleet are one of the big reasons I came back to the hobby last year. Their Pilgrym project was a big inspiration and the community that rose around it has been simply wonderful to be a small part of.

A few weeks ago Ironsleet announced that they would do an invitational so that others who felt the urge to visit their world could dive in and create. The challenge was to create a regiment that has joined the Thorn moon crusade and build 5 members to show it off.

Me and a friend of mine immediately felt inspired and decided to join in on this creative endeavour. Swamped with work I’m looking forward to some free time next week but I have been thinking on my spare time.

+ + My thoughts on the minis + +
Coming from the arid world of Haddrak they are not prepared for the humid and hostile environment that the thorn moons consists of, so I will skip breathing masks for at least most of them.

I want at least a few of them to be armed with flame throwers since you actually fight the heavily forested moons them selves.

I’m thinking first episode of Band of brothers where they make a very chaotic landfall and I feel that in this most of the regiment is lost. The few left band together to regroup and bring whatever odd equipment they can find.

I have some nice Anvil bitz left from a previous project so I thought I would use them. Combined with skitarii weapons they look great. I’m torn between the more medieval themed grimdark and the more “modern” version. Candles and scrolls or chainsaws so to speak 🙂

More to come when I actually found the time to sit down. Would love to hear from those of you who has decided to take the leap with me in the comments.