I borrowed a few Woodland scenic rock moulds from a friend of mine and I thought I would share my thought on these for anyone who hasn’t yet come a cross them.


The moulds themselves are made of durable rubber for longevity but using them is something of a hassle. I have been using Hirst arts moulds for quite some time and they are sturdy with their own support built right into them. The woodland scenic moulds on the other hand have no support and are, to be honest, terrible to use from this viewpoint. You have to prop them up yourself and try to level the uneven moulds to get a good pour. A very underwhelming experience.


But the quality of the result is really good and sharp. If you can stand the hassle you will be left with some really good rocks and rock faces. For the price of them you will get a lot of rocks out of the moulds and the moulds themselves are sturdy enough to make me believe that they will endure for a long time.


Lukes APS has a YouTube clip on this where he built a support for every mould he bought. Good advice and it’s a must see if you want to get into rock moulds from Woodland scenic.