Sometimes I hate the internet, they make it too easy to sit at home or at the office and see cool things you immediately need to have. The order is done before you have a chance of thinking it over.

My latest in-the-middle-of-the-night purchase was from a company called Scibor. They have some great minis and their barbarian range got my grimdark juices flowing.

I could see myself doing some nice conversions to bring them into inq28 as some berserkers that my inquisitor ran into. I even found one big guy that could very well be some sort of inquisitor or similar with just a few simple adjustments.


The delivery was decent with little over a weeks wait. As you can see in the images the details are sharp with no apparent bubbles or other miss casts. There was a few bad mould lines but nothing that couldn’t be filed right again.

The models are heavy on the flash and had some small vents that will need to be cleared but it’s easy work. The bases are also really nice with a lot of details.


They are a little pricey but for a skirmish setting you get great models that really stand out. Will buy from them again if I find something that catches my fancy. Have you gotten any minis from Scibor, did you have the same good experience?